ReMag® Ionic Magnesium (Liquid) – 16.2 oz. bottle


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ReMag is “The Magnesium Miracle” made by RNA Reset.
ReMag Pico-Ionic Liquid Magnesium

16.2 oz bottle (60,000 ppm)

Email for dosing instructions after your purchase.

  • ReMag has the highest known concentration of any magnesium, making it much more therapeutic, effective, and fast acting than any other magnesium in pill or liquid form.
  • Magnesium is an essential cofactor required by 700-800 enzyme systems that promote thousands of biochemical reactors in the body.
  • It regulates temperature, produces and transports energy, transmits nerve signals, and relaxes muscles.
  • Magnesium is vital for glucose, fat, and protein metabolism, and affects every cell in the body in a positive life-supporting way.
  • Magnesium also ensures that we have healthy bones by regulating calcium absorption and metabolizing the active form of Vitamin D from its storage form.
  • Created by Dr. Carolyn Dean (author of “The Magnesium Miracle”), ReMag minerals are meticulously from a pure source of magnesium chloride and developed to deliver stabilized magnesium ions that are similar in size to plant magnesium.
  • ReMag is a picometer-ionic form of magnesium. Picometer magnesium is smaller in diameter than the body’s cell mineral ion channels. Its direct and complete absorption into cells means ReMag bypasses a leaky gut and does not even reach the large intestine to cause diarrhea.
  • ReMag does not have a laxative effect.
  • ReMag is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and is free of heavy metals verified in rigorous testing performed at 3rd party FDA accredited labs.
  • ReMag Magnesium Solution is a 60,000 ppm concentration of 99.99% pure elemental magnesium in liquid form and is very strong.
  • Email for dosing instructions after your purchase.
  • ReMag Magnesium Solution can also be taken in any liquid such as juice, herbal tea, a fruit smoothie or in a protein shake.
  • You can also add food grade essential oils to your water, along with lemon or Apple Cider Vinegar, to enhance the taste.

Features and Details

  • LIQUID MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENT – Just add to water, juice or a smoothie!
  • CONCENTRATED! 60,000ppm concentration of 99.99% pure elemental magnesium
  • PROMOTES strong muscles and bones, cardiovascular health and nervous system function
  • RECOMMENDED by doctors and naturopaths for its quality and bio-availability.
  • HIGH ABSORPTION: Pico-ionic form of magnesium in ReMag means it is fully absorbed at the cellular level.