Adrenal Burn Out

Adrenal Burn Out

Adrenal burn out  is very common in modern society!
The adrenals become exhausted due to chronic stress, environmental toxins, birth control use, heavy metal exposures and vaccinations.

Who Is Most Prone To Adrenal Exhaustion?

Women in general are often more prone to adrenal fatigue than men.  But anyone at any age can suffer from adrenal burnout, including infants and children. Those with slow oxidation (also known as a slow metabolic rate), especially very slow oxidation, with a calcium to potassium ratio greater than about 200 are considered to be in “burnt out”. 

The Adrenal Burn Out Markers

  • The ideal ratio of calcium to potassium ratio is about 4/1.
  • Those slow oxidizers with high calcium, also known as a “calcium shell” may overlap with very slow oxidation, or may be a separate burnout indicator.
  • A sodium to potassium ratio less than about 2.5/1 is another ratio indicating an adrenal burn out.  When a sodium to potassium ratio is very low, then adrenal exhaustion is usually more severe.
  • Still another sign of adrenal burn out is having a s sodium level less than about 11 mg%.
  • Having a potassium level less than about 5 mg% is yet another sign of that the adrenals are exhausted.
  • The pattern of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium – known as an “all 4 low pattern” as four low macrominerals is considered to be double burnout pattern.
  • When a phosphorus level less than 12 mg%, this is yet another adrenal burn out pattern.  Phosphorus less than 10 mg%  may be a double burnout indicator.

Poor Eliminators and Adrenal Burn Out

  • Poor eliminators are those with three (3) very low metal readings and this is a burnout indicator.
  • Poor eliminator patterns with six  (6) very low metal reading are a double burnout indicator.  The minerals that should be eliminating to look for are copper, iron, manganese, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and nickel.