Phosphorus and Hair Testing

Phosphorus and Hair Testing

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Phosphorus  an important mineral in the body that shows in the hair test.  If phosphorous is imbalanced – either too low or too high – as compared to the other minerals of calcium, magnesium, sodium and  potassium, then important functions in the body that require phosphorus are altered.

High Hair Phosphorus
An elevated phosphorus level is frequently indicative of excessive protein breakdown of body tissues. As proteins break down, phosphorus is released. Phosphorus levels may increase temporarily as toxic metals are being eliminated in the course of a nutrition program. Very high phosphorus of greater than 25 mg% can indicate a serious metabolic disturbance. (Note that pubic hair samples often show elevated phosphorus readings. This is a characteristic of pubic hair.)

Low Hair Phosphorus
A low phosphorus level is frequently associated with inadequate protein synthesis. Although most diets are adequate in phosphorus, those on low-protein diets or vegetarians may have a low phosphorus intake.

Zinc is required for protein synthesis. Often a low phosphorus level is associated with a zinc deficiency, cadmium toxicity or zinc loss. When these imbalances are corrected, the phosphorus level improves. A low phosphorus level may be due to poor digestion or assimilation of protein. This may be due to digestive enzyme deficiency, low hydrochloric acid level or other factors.