Books On HTMA – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Books On HTMA – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Below is an alphabetical list of the main books that are excellent references regarding the science of hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) and mineral rebalancing.

  1. Bland, J, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, An Emergent Diagnostic Technique, Thorsons Publishing, 1984.

  2. Body Chemistry and Behavior, A Course Manual, American Institute For Biosocial Research.

  3. Brown, AC and Crounse, RG, Hair, Trace Elements, and Human Illness, Praeger Publishers, 1980.

  4. Casdorph, HR and Walker, M, Toxic Metal Syndrome, Avery Publishing, 1995.

  5. Chatsworth, L and Chatsworth, C, Energy, Healthview Publishing, 1985.

  6. Chatt, A, Katz, SS, Hair Analysis: Applications in the Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, VCH Publishing, 1989.

  7. Davies, IJT, The Clinical Significance of the Essential Biological Metals, C.C. Thomas, 1972.

  8. Droesti, I, Smith, R, Neurobiology of the Trace Elements, Volumes I and II, Humana Press, 1983.

  9. Eck, PC, Wilson, L, Toxic Metals in Human Health and Disease, Eck Institute of Applied Nutrition and Bioenergetics, Ltd.,1989.

  10. Eck, PC, Healthview Newsletter, Interview #27-29, Healthview, 1981.

  11. Eck, PC, Watts, D, The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Hair Analysis, Eck Institute of Applied Nutrition and Bioenergetics, Ltd., 1983.

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  14. Eck, P, Watts, D, Foreman, D, Lifting The Cloak Of Mystery From Hair Analysis: A New Approach, Analytical Research Labs, 1982.

  15. Frompovich, CJ, Understanding Body Chemistry and Hair Mineral Analysis, C.J. Frompovich, 1982.

  16. Gittleman, AL, Why Am I Always So Tired, Harper San Francisco, 1999.

  17. Goyer, RA et al, Medical Toxicology, Academic Press, 1995.

  18. Hemphill, DD, Cothern, CR and Beck, B, Trace Substances in Environmental Health, Annual Conferences, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, 1972-1992.

  19. Kutsky, R, Handbook of Vitamins, Minerals and Hormones, 2nd edition, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1981.

  20. Leek, R, Hair Analysis, R. Leek, 1980.

  21. Malter, R, Shrinking The Judge: Freeing the Inner Child, 2021.

    1. Malter, R, The Strands of Health; A Guide To Understanding Hair Mineral Analysis, Education & Health Resources of Arizona, Cottonwood, AZ 2002.

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