Hair Testing and Chronic Infections

Hair Testing and Chronic Infections

Many chronic diseases have distinct hair tissue mineral patterns that can clearly indicate the presence of a chronic infections and the trend towards other diseases.

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By doing a HTMA test, you can visibly see these trends toward chronic infections and take proactive steps to correct your imbalances of mineral and heavy metal imbalances with specific nutritional supplements.  This in turn can positively shift your health over several months, increase your metabolic rate and increase your energy and vitality.

Here are some of the trends that a hair test can quickly identify regarding chronic infections:

  • A sodium/potassium ratio below a 2/1 shows the trend is toward a chronic infection, especially if below a 1.8/1 ratio.
  • Slow oxidation (metabolic rate) indicates a strong likelihood of an infection.
  • Adrenals that are in an exhausted state and not able to continue to fight the infection well.
  • Calcium/magnesium ratio greater that 100 is a chronic infection pattern.
  • The “All 4 low pattern” (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium are all low in a hair test) indicate  chronic infection.
  • Cooper level above 5 indicates bio-unavailable copper.
  • Mercury greater than 0.35 indicates chronic infections.
  • Cadmium above normal range indicates a chronic infection because it depletes zinc levels.
  • Iron above a 3 is associated with bacterial infections.
  • Phosphorous that low at a 12 or 11 means that the body is in tissue breakdown and a chronic infection is present.
  • Zinc extremely important in chronic infection prevention. It is essential for proper immune functions and must be available.  Zinc deficiency results in increased susceptibility to many pathogens, especially viruses. (Mercury will displace 1000 ions of zinc and cadmium will displace of 100 ions zinc.) The key elements of zinc, copper and sulfur all have significant antimicrobial properties.
  • Iron Oxide is a toxic form of iron found in grains and food. Iron is essential to our health. However,  OXIDIZED iron is the wrong form and bacteria will use this for food supply.  The body will put iron into storage to make it not available to the blood. If the liver is saturated with iron, anger can be the result on the emotional level.  This is because it is associated with the emotions of anger or rage due to toxic levels of iron.  Iron is shifted by the body to the liver and also to the spleen and bone marrow.
  • Iron to copper ratio greater that 2/1 PLUS  a low sodium to potassium ratio in a HTMA, this is a clear sign of chronic bacterial infection.
  • “Poor eliminator pattern” includes an iron 1.2 or less in a hair test with slow oxidation rate makes the body insufficient and we can not get rid of the chronic infection.
  • Copper deficiency makes us more prone to an chronic infections.  Copper below a level 1 will increase the risk of chronic bacterial infections. Copper increases to mask the presence of iron.

Adrenals and Chronic Infections
Depleted energy in the adrenals results and chronic infections means we are in  a “burn out” pattern.  Energy is drained because we are constantly fighting infections in sinus, ears, mouth, digestive system, etc.  The body does not have the energy to fight these chronic infections and also grow, provide energy, digest food or have a strong immune system.  This is a depletion state due to chronic infections.

Steps To Improve Adrenal Health

  • Do a hair test to get an accurate blueprint with a trained Practitioner.
  • Control your blood sugar.
  • Detoxify your liver.
  • Eat a healthy, whole foods diet.
  • Get adequate sleep!
  • Take nutritional supplements based on your HTMA results.
  • Mange your stress and lifestyle appropriately.

Chronic Infections and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
(42:15 minutes)