HTMA Practitioner Coaching

HTMA Practitioner Coaching

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We provide HTMA Practitioner coaching on a one-on-one basis for hair tests done with either Analytical Research Labs or Trace Elements Labs.  We provide expert support for complex cases that are not progressing well or have stalled in progress despite following mineral supplementation programs.

We are experienced in detoxification and recovery as well as hair testing analysis in complex cases for hundreds of clients.  We offer HTMA Practitioner coaching for practitioners from a wide variety of backgrounds who not as familiar with hair testing, or in interpreting the results of a hair test for their clients.

Hair testing analysis and the important mineral ratios can be rather complex to understand, especially to newer HTMA Practitioners beginning their practice. We provide hands-on, personal guidance with HTMA practitioner coaching on a private basis via Skype consultations.

  • Practitioner Coaching Consultations are available via Skype, by appointment.
  • You will need to provide a copy of the clients hair test prior to the consultation with permission to share the results from the client.
  • We provide detailed information and explanations that can be understood from having a great deal of experience in the various ratios and mineral levels in a hair test.
  • We make additional recommendations for homeopathic support as well as homeopathic sarcodes to improve both adrenal, thyroid, kidney, liver, lung and lymph functions and support faster results with detoxification pathways that are essential in mineral rebalancing and retracing.
  • We also make recommendations on the use of homeopathic nosodes for infections that a client may be dealing with including things such chronic infections per labs of Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), Human Herpes Virus (HHV6) and Cytomegalovirus (CMV).
  • We offer homeopathic support tips for those with Lyme Disease and co-infections including bartonella, babesia and others.
  • We also offer homeopathic support tips for clients diagnosed with chronic infections including mycoplasma pneumoniae or repeat chronic bacterial infections included strep, staph infections and MRSA.
  • We also recommend which homeopathic cell salts to use to more rapidly improve mineral levels, heavy metal excretion.
  • We can guide you on a faster safe method to reduce copper toxicity using homeopathy in women with any history of birth control use and estrogen dominance.
  • We will cover all detailed inside information and explanations that can be pulled from the ratios and mineral levels in a hair test to add to your understand of how best to help your clients.