When To Supplement For Copper

When To Supplement For Copper

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A need for copper supplementation does not mean the entire body is low in copper.
It just means that some copper is needed to balance the chemistry at a particular time.

Assessing when to supplement for copper is based on the results of the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). The indicators below are applied no matter what the hair copper level may be. The hair test indicators listed below will show the need for copper supplementation when these following markers are on the hair test:

Fast oxidation rate which has the criteria of:

  • Calcium to Potassium ratio less than 4/1.
  • A Sodium to Magnesium ratio greater than 4.17/1.
  • Hair Sodium to Potassium ratio less than about 2.5/1.
  • Hair Calcium to Magnesium that is less than about 3/1 is a secondary indicator and it only applies if the hair sodium/potassium ratio is less than 2.5/1.