HTMA Hair Testing Videos

HTMA  Hair Testing Videos

The follow are a recommended list of hair testing videos that cover many of the important aspects including hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) testing, copper toxicity, birth control pill or IUD use, detoxification methods, the science of nutritional balancing, the importance of magnesium and more!

Copper Poisoning
(3:14 minutes)

Do You Have Copper Toxicity?
(4:02 minutes)

Why Am I So Tired? Fatigue and The Copper Connection
(4:16 minutes)

An Introduction To Copper Toxicity
(6:48 minutes)

Copper Dysregulation and Adrenal Exhaustion by Dr. Robert Selig
(15:09 minutes)

Why Zinc and Copper Play An Important Role in Your Healing Journey
(16:36 minutes)

The Copper, Estrogen, Cancer Connection Part 1
(19:34 minutes)

The Copper, Estrogen, Cancer Connection Part 2
(11:37 minutes)

HTMA: A Historical Perspective and Why it’s Not More Widely Used
(24:28 minutes)

Why We’re All Magnesium Deficient – Top Signs & What To Do with Dr. Carolyn Dean
(31:02 minutes)
(31:02 minutes)

The Copper Toxic Society
(36:07 minutes)

Understanding Copper Toxicity
(42:43 minutes)

How Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Nutritional Medicine, and Detoxification Can Fix Your Health
(43:25 minutes)

Why Do a Hair Mineral Analysis?
(52:09 minutes)

Healing Chronic Diseases with Natural Protocol
(54:57 minutes)