Vanadium and Hair Testing

Vanadium and Hair Testing

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About Vanadium
Vanadium is an essential element in lower life forms and recent research suggests it may be essential in humans. Vanadium is widely available in the food supply. Refining and processing appears to further increase its content.

Vanadium is antagonistic to the sulfur amino acids of cystine, cysteine and methionine. In human studies, excess vanadium intake inhibited cholesterol synthesis by way of squalene synthetase enzyme inhibition. It was also found that vanadium had no beneficial effect in lowering existing lipid levels in patients suffering from hypercholesterolemia or ischemic heart disease.

Elevated vanadium is also antagonistic to vitamin C and hemoglobin synthesis. Decreased hormone production, selective protein deficiencies and blood sugar
disturbance could occur with  excessive intake or exposure to this element.

Environmental and occupational sources of vanadium include petroleum refining, Metal Refining and boiler cleaning.