Potassium and Hair Testing


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Potassium is one of the most important minerals in the body that shows in the hair test.  If potassium is imbalanced – either too low or too high – as compared to the other minerals of calcium, magnesium and sodium, then important functions in the body that require sodium are altered.

Potassium is known as the “follow-through” mineral. (Note that the hair must not be washed at the laboratory to obtain accurate potassium readings.)

High Hair Potassium is an indication of high sugar and glucocorticoid levels. A very high potassium can be a potassium loss due to excessive breakdown of body cells.

Low Hair Potassium is an indicates adrenal gland exhaustion.  A very low potassium level is associated with allergies, fatigue, low blood sugar, sweet cravings, and low blood pressure.

Fatigue – a high calcium to potassium ratio is associated with an underactive thyroid. Fatigue is often a common complaint associated with low thyroid function.