Health Status Survey

Health Status Survey Online – Find Your Health Score Quickly And Easily

The Health Status Survey is fast and easy to do online! It helps you learn your overall health score.
The survey results are based on your medical history, mental health traits, physical symptoms,
environmental influences, life stressor and trauma history.

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About The Health Status Survey

  • The Survey has 12 categories and 184 questions, which are weighted.
  • Each question has a simple check off reply if the question applies to you.
  • It only takes about 5 – 10 minutes to answer these easy questions.
  • Your Survey is scored on submission.
  • The full report comes to you immediately to you by email and includes the total score for your survey questions as well as your percentage checked off from the total asked.
  • Your Health Status Survey is scored based on your answers  to questions in these 12 categories:
    • Medical History
    • Mental Health issues
    • Medical Procedures
    • Body Thermals
    • Bowels and Elimination
    • Diet Patterns
    • Energy Levels
    • Environmental Toxins & Radiation Exposures
    • Muscles and Joints
    • Skin and Hair
    • Sleep Patterns
    • Trauma History
    • Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
Steps After Taking Your Health Status Survey

Once you see your score, many people consider doing a hair tissue mineral analysis  (HTMA) to intelligently and precised see their physical  total health picture. The hair testing lab used is Trace Elements Lab which is the premier USA based lab specializing in hair testing for over 40 years.

  • You will receive comprehensive HTMA report of your body’s tissue levels of both essential minerals and heavy metals shown in a graph. The most important mineral ratios are also calculated and graphed.
  • The hair test shows the level of toxic heavy metal excretion, the strength of the your immune system, your adrenal and thyroid functions.
  • Your HTMA gives you customized recommendations for nutritional supplements list and a specific diet plan that is tailored exactly to your actual hair test results.
Our expert HTMA Practitioners are available for private internet video consultations for patients living anywhere in the USA or Canada.  We help you achieve a deeper  understanding of what your HTMA results mean. We also provide your with additional resources including Homeopathy and specify, highly effective homeopathic protocols – that help you go beyond mineral supplements alone – to improve the speed of your health recovery journey!